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After The Storm



Always Deleted Scene



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"My favorite moment back when, before Castle and Beckett were together. There was a point when she was being attracted by another detective, and she was incredibly dismissive of Castle almost to the point… like mean and I said ‘Two weeks ago, I saved your life twice.’and they kept it into the show. I thought that was really cool." - Nathan Fillion


'and they kept it into the show'

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Favorite Castle/Beckett moment by Stana Katic - ’There’s was a moment when he goes and he talks about how overcoming obstacles are part of great love stories. I like that one. That’s was nice.’ 

Nathan Fillion being adorable
Castle Season 6 Bloopers

"I was a little envious of Stana, cause you know that guy’s got fresh breath and great lips. Nathan is hot!"

Tamala Jones, Castle Favourite Moments, Season 6 DVD

- Said by every Nathan Fillion fan!

"Sorry guys, I have…I have…(looks at camera) You know what I have…"

Nathan Fillion, Seaosn 6 Bloopers

Yes, we know what you have Nathan! ;)